Upholstery cleaning

Professional upholstery cleaning Gravesend

Upholstery cleaning Gravesend, And surrounding areas.

Upholstery cleaning Gravesend

Upholstery cleaning Gravesend

 Upholstery cleaning Gravesend and the surrounding area is expertly carried out by our well-equipped and professional team.

Whether you are looking for one-off clean for a special event, a Spring Clean of your favourite upholstered items or even regular commercial cleaning, we are the people to help. If you have never had upholstery professionally cleaned before, prepare to be amazed when you see the difference it makes; your sofas and furnishings will spring back to life looking bright, clean and smelling fresh. Not only will we ensure that your home or business looks well cared for, but you will be extending the lifespan of your much-loved items.

Upholstery cleaning Gravesend

upholstery cleaning Gravesend

How does upholstery cleaning preserve the life of upholstery?

Soft furnishings are always an expensive investment and you may be worried about the effect upholstery cleaning may have upon them, particularly if you have inherited family treasures or antique or vintage items. In fact, professional cleaning preserves the life of upholstered items and does not impact upon the integrity of the fabric in any way. By allowing us to clean your upholstery on a regular basis, you will be preventing abrasion and fibre damage. Left unattended, this will eventually destroy any type of upholstered item.


Upholstery cleaning Gravesend

Upholstery cleaning Gravesend

The health benefits

Professional cleaning of upholstery is also fantastically beneficial for those of you suffering from allergies or sensitivities. You can dramatically improve the cleanliness and sanitisation of your home or business environment as well as helping to look after the health of the occupants. Cleaning removes soil, dirt and embedded stains; even pet hairs and dander can be extracted carefully from the upholstery with our cleaning methods.
No matter what type of fabric your upholstery is covered with, even delicate coverings are protected when treated with our gentle processes. We use only cleaning products that are totally safe and where possible, eco-friendly. However, this does not mean that they are not incredibly effective or powerful.

Our upholstery cleaning process can also includes

• Deodoriser - for the efficient removal of odours; ideal for pets/urine/smoke/vomit/cooking etc.
• Stain guard - to help protect against spills and stains and helps keep your fabric cleaner for longer.
• Insecticide - kills and deters many types of insects such as dust mites/fleas/bed bugs/beetles etc.

If you would like to give your upholstery a new lease of life and improve the quality of your environment, get in touch with us now. Our carpet cleaning Gravesend is an incredibly popular service. If you give us a call with details of your upholstery we can give you an estimated price and date for your diary.

Call us today and let us give you a price to get your upholstery cleaned. We promise that it will cost much less than you ever imagined!

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